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to sexism. a new ad campaign launched this week by u.n. women reveals that despite decades of global advancement, sexism and discrimination against women is still rampant worldwide. u.n. women hired an ad agency to conduct google searches on phrases such as "women should" and "women can't." the search engine's autocomplete function generated phrases such as "women should be slaves," "should not work", "cannot drive" and need to be controlled. the ads display the most popular responses over the mouths of women, showing in graphic form how women are silenced by gender bias. the united nations organization's officials believe this is proof it needs to continue making the case. for gender empowerment and equality. so marjorie clifton what about this campaign, do you think it's a good idea? >> i think it's very telling what bing and google and other great search engines allow removing the human hand to sort of see in a very analytical way what humans and what people are actually doing online without having intervention. what we're seeing is the unfortunate truth but also the global truth
are on the u.n. sanctions list. those who surrendered said they don't want to fight any more and they wanting to back to civilian life or join the congolese army. but it seems that they may be willing to sign a deal that gives any kind of amnesty to the leaders. >> malcolm webb reporting from the congo military base. >>> closing migrant camps, the government decided to do so after 92 people died of thirst trying to cross the sahara desert. officials also promise to severely punish the traffickers who move people through to m nir or libya. >>> in an interview recorded a few weeks, al jazeera has obtained a copy of the recording that was never made public. egypt's constitution was suspended after the president mohammed morsi was deposed. >> the military institution should be given immunity for the role it has played. it is not an immune for fatah, it is for the institution. and the coming constitution should consider that. the institution should be protected in the constitution for the next 15 years with standing who is going to be in power whether he's islamist. >> a satire show pulled off the
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in ransom money. a study by the u.n. and the world bank says the piracy cost the global economy $18 billion. pirates use the money to pay for crime, including human and weapons trafficking and funding militias. >> the immediate closure of a mine in a town after 92 people women and children died of thirst trying to cross the sahara desert. traffickers who transport people through niger will be severely punished. >> an unofficial referendum to decide the future of abeyei has done little to clarify the position of the region. sudan and south sudan has claims on the oil-rich territory. 99.4% of people - mainly from the ngok dinka tribe voted in favour of joining the south. a rival group boycotted the vote. the result is not recognised by either government. al jazeera's peter greste reports on the difficulties of running abeyei. >>. >> number four, you have recognition which is important. ... >> this is abeyei's new state government. a local committee meeting under a tree. these are the people who organised the unofficial referendum among the ngok dinka. they voted 99.9% to reject sudan, and ins
sides of the border. >>> now asking the u.n. to adopt a resolution to end mass electronic spies. the move comes on the sp the allegations of spying on both sides. the act is expected to be voted on later this month. meanwhile, edward snowdon is reaching out to berlin. >> edward snowdon shows every sign of going native. enjoying a river cruise in moscow. but on thursday he held a three-hour meeting with an mp from the german green party who said their discussions were very revealing. at a press conference friday the mp said snowdon would be willing to come to germany as a witness in any inquiry in the u.s. bugging the phone of chancellor angela merkel. >> he told me he could imagine come to go to germany if it means coming in safety. this means free passage and receiving asylum. the interior minister could help him. >> reporter: snowdon starts his new job in petersburg as a technical adviser with russia's version of facebook, but he may not be happy as they have been given new powers of intercepting of communication. >> it was a warm meeting he would at snowdon's initiative. >> r
. in 2012 the united nations human rights committee ruled the conviction of adonis vilated the u.n.'s universal declaration of human lights. filipino journalists still feel the chill. >> i've been sued by a big businessman. a royal, supreme court justice. so libel is really a tool to make you sop writing about them or intimidating journalists so you stop or get scared and stop writing. it used to be in the past that journalists thought if they had a ribel charge, to wearing -- libel charge, to wearing a purple heart. in the past most of the courts, most of them ended favouring journalists. this has changed. in 2013 alone we a 11 journalists facing libel charges. this is a big number for a country that is supposed to have a doctrine of press freedom. >> isn't meant to be this way. in 1986, after 20 years of the authoritarian ferdan danned markos government. the authoritative lid came off. parts of the country boiled over. in the decades since the days of dictatorship, the philippines enjoyed greater freedom. like others suffers from less stability. in the filipino landscape there's
the fbi in 76 offices overseas, including, i had agents assigned at europol, interpol, u.n. headquarters in new york. among discussions was either to eliminate or cut by 50% the fbi's international offices. again, another act of absolute stupidity. i want to go to the hill and argue anybody who raises the issue to tell them how stupid it is, why we need the relationships, why we need representations, and how every day it affects u.s. and health of the u.s. national security. an example of that, a particular u.s. senator i will not name, landed once in a foreign country, greeted by the fbi agent there, and his remark was, well, i guess the fbi's sun never sets on the fbi. the agent was polite and everything, but he could have said, the sun never sets on u.s. interests either, pal. [laughter] thank you. [applause] >> we have a lot of agreements and initiatives that i had to talk about the americas with the americans. i'm concerned about how demanding that it's been used to help been misused, and who -- a lot of money has been lost, and more concerning to me is to see that a lot of people t
of variety of groups are active in various places. observers into things to breaking in the u n mediator in syria have estimated that there are more than six hundred groups each with more than fifty scientists and some of them have substantially mole ten to fifteen thousand girls each group is battling every team but they lack a clear goal beyond that. someone a free syria. this helps or an islamic caliphate. infighting among the rebels are broken long ago i and its dislike of unity to play straight into the regime's hands. ok when the ball in the target server he is president of doctors without borders germany and talk read you just got back from it. i'm helping patients on the borders on in iraq as well as lebanon you were telling me what are the conditions they are right now in terms of treating people magically. but it's a very difficult situation that we've been setting up of ten ride at the ball. and the iraqi side of the border and we have seen more than eight hundred patients in the full weeks i've been there and we've seen thousand patients all summer for sg coming soon. i'm off
. >> germany and brazil are fed up with electronic surveillance. the draft calls on u.n. members to declare that they were deeply concerned that human rights violations that may result from the conduct of surveillance of communications. the document does not note any country. >> the girls at the age of eight are forced to marry men twice their age. now this is hope. they want to end child marriage and make the minimum age 18. it won't be easy though. >> when laura was 11 years old she was forced to marry a man who was 35. she suffered years of physical and psychological apews. abuse. today she is a athleting being a at the visiathlete activistfigh. >> i was a little child and poorment whepoor. my husband was an alcoholic. when he first took off husband clothes you can imagine what happened to a child. child. >> laura fled many times but was always returned back to her husband. she has been taken anti-depressants for years. >> because all i have gone through i feel scared when you think of my daughter. i don't want her to maryy. marr. i want her to continue her studies. my daughter won't for
missiles and counterterrorism support. >> germany and brazil are asking the u.n. to adopt a resolution ending electronic spying. the move comes after the u.s. was accused of spying on the data of those countries. the resolution is expected to be voted on later this month. >> n.s.a. leader edward snowden is speaking up and reaching out. the germans are interested in bringing him to berlin if he tells them about the surveillance of german chancellor angela merkel. >> david chater reports from moscow. >> edward snowden shows every sign of going native. the snapshot showing him enjoying a river cruise in moscow. he held a meeting with an mp from the green party. he said their discussions were revealing. at a press conference the mp said edward snowden would about willing to go germany as a witness to the bugging of angela merkel's phone by the u.s. >> translation: he told me he could imagine coming to germany if it was clear he could remain here in safety. this means granting free passage and asylum. the interior minister could offer this and fulfil the moral obligation to help him. >> it
grenell the former spokesman to the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. rick, thanks for joining us. i interviewed glen greenwald. the reason we brought him on cashing in which i'm going to air it tomorrow morning on the fox news channel. the reason why i brought him on is because president obama promised the nsa was not going to look into private emails of americans. this week the "the washington post" reports that that likely happened when the nsa infiltrated google and yahoo and allowed them to have access to email accounts. now, the question is, do you think that's right? is that fair? should he be looking at americans' emails? >> well, i think the policy is that they are not looking inside specific emails of americans if it happens to occur, it's not because it's the nsa policy. look, glen greenwald and other journalists have the responsibility to push for transparency in this program. there is no question transparency is a good thing so is congressional oversight. democrat who control the senate have been very bad about pushing the nsa and pushing that these programs and policies are are not
network. you may recall the red line said by the israeli prime minister at the u.n. regarding the ability of iran to produce a nuclear weapon. based on the expertise available to your agency, if the iranians were to decide to produce nuclear weapons, how far do you think they are from achieving that goal? if i may have a second shout out >> i do not understand your question. >> do you have any assessment that if iran were to produce a nuclear weapon, how long would it take to do that? second question on the issue of sanction, do you think any easing of the sanctions now would create a more positive atmosphere for negotiations between your agency and iranians? thank you. >> well, these two issues -- unfortunately, these are not my field. how long it will take for them to build a new go question was one of your questions. our function is to how to -- we are not providing [indiscernible] i hope you understand our function. also, regarding the sanctions, we do not have a lot of sanctions. what we do is send the inspectors to the ground. we verify and we share the information with member state
that was a scarring moment for him, the u.n. presentation that turned out to be full of intelligence that didn't pan out. but, you know, i think for all these people, you mentioned treating them as humans. i think they are human beings who tried to do what they thought was the best. we can all agree or disagree with their points of view. i think they were doing what they thought was the best thing for the country. and we need to look back at why things happen and how they happen, and we can judge from there. >> journalists too often covering of the white house, covering politics in washington have given short thrift to the bush administration's contribution to sending reinforcements in 2007 and altering the course of the events, at least the direction they were headed before those reinforcements. and the role of hank paulson, the treasury secretary, in moving forward with t.a.r.p. if you listen to some of these journalists and some of this aaministration, most would say this is an idea that president obama thought up just as he walked in the door back in 2009. it's really an amazing time in which th
, and other ventures. the study was conducted by the u.n.'s crime unit interpol, and the world bank. >>> number three -- the way your dogs wag their tails. actually, it has something to do with their personality and what they're feeling in doggie language. a new study says if the tail is wagged towards the right side of the dog's body, he's happy. however, if the tail wags towards the left side, it often means that the dog is upset and anxious. >>> and number four -- kraft's mac and cheese will be getting healthier. the company is making it more nutrition by adding whole grains to the macaroni and removing saturated fats, sodium, and artificial food dyes. the revamped recipe will hit store shelves next year. >>> number five -- the giant barge floating in the san francisco bay could be a huge google showroom. the barge has been a mystery since it docked, but our affiliate kpix is quoting multiple sources as saying it's a big marketing center for google to show off products like google glass. google has not commented. >>> all right. right now, the city of boston is celebrating a victo
to the u.n. and a fox news contributor. we also have a former cia senior analyst and chief analyst for lignet.com. thank you for joining us. so, look, here's the cia, i mean the nsa chief saying these things, the nsa spying on diplomats at the request of ambassadors. what do you say about that? rick? >> i have to agree. there are a lot of am pabassado around the world that really want to know what's happening from the other side the aisle so to speak. so there's a lot of requests that go back to agency personnel. the sip pell fact is the agency personnel is only responding to the policymakers. the politicians and others feel the pressure from those in the field who want the intelligence and they're the ones who are responding. they don't make the rules. if you want to change the rules, lobby congress or get congress, the congressional oversight committees, to be aggressive. >> the challenge came from james caru rosepep, a former u.s. ambassador to romania during the clinton administration, and he now a democratic state senator in maryland. during this exchange between the two, with
. somebody should pay attention. [applause] >> i just came from the u.n. mental health sustainability conference. thank you for your good work and the importance of these >> and the more ethical society in new general as well as juvenile rehabilitation. in terms of you mentioned language and empathy, as a group in westchester that belonged to a good focus in terms of coalition of mutual respect, a function in october and they are saying the issues of dignity and empathy, how do we talk to which other, work together as a reverend or a rabbi. is a reverent, a black reverend and white rabbi and how do we work together for a culture of mutual respect? local to global including new york state and new york city be a model for those issues including better education and don't you think this is a moment in time in terms of poverty that is a particular opportunity that there's so much dissatisfaction, the issues of benign neglect, so much poverty in the world and violence in the world but it is not just as one gentleman said, excuses given by conservatives, it is vote middle-class as well as s
states effectively hat in hand asking for help because his country is back in a civil war. the u.n. said around a thousand people are now being killed in iraq every single month. prime minister maliki wants the united states to supply more weapons, to supply drones, and to generally get reengaged in iraq's security. and the level of violence overall in iraq is now returned to roughly 2008 level. now, that's a significant statement, because it means the gains of the u.s. surge have been effectively wiped out and that would mean a great deal for all of the americans who served there working so hard to bring the country some degree of stability to see it go back to where it is right now. >> richard, we are also getting more details this morning about a u.s. drone strike that killed the leader of the pakistani taliban. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: ma sued, he was the leader of the pakistani taliban that killed many people. it's believed he was killed by a u.s. drone strike and this is something of a vendetta attack from the u.s. intelligence because mussad was believed to be r
can get in on it. you don't have to qualify or register. goes from the u.n. up to the park. you run through the actual new york city marathon finish line so you can have your picture taken right there at the finish line, which is cool. i cannot believe how many people are out here running. it's a 5k. i bet all of us can do this next year. it's only three miles. take a look at your weather maps. tonight you have to turn your clocks. tonight is the night. set your clocks back before you go. iphones will work. tonight is the night you get an extra hour sleep. the sun is rising earlier tomorrow and setting earlier tomorrow night into monday morning possibly a rough one for people getting back to work. here is the storm we saw exit the seaboard. still bringing rain to the coastal areas in carolina and florida. it's rain and snow across higher elevations. take a look how this plays out over the next 24 hours. snow moving in towards the northern rockies. eventually seeing some of the rain begin to develop across parts of the central plains. you guys, you think could you do a 5k? >> how far
and brazil are angry over spy allegations by the n.s.a. a move following the u.s. spied on the leaders of both countries, saying the collection of personal data constitutes a personal act. the resolution will be voted on at the united nations later this month. >> the chemical weapons deployment in syria is looked at as a time of peace. millions have been uprooted fro their homes. questions of life and death stems from basic concerns - food, water, medicine. with the onset of winter the challenge to survive is growing daunting. on friday the united nations high commissioner for refugees made a call to the international community asking for more aid. we are joined by noah, a policy advisor for oxfam. he returned from the region where he manages the humanitarian efforts. talk about what you have seen out there. how bad is it? >> thank you for having me. there's more than 2 million people who have been displaced in the region, displaced to neighbouring countries and 5 million displaced in the country. 7 million are in need of assistance, about a third of the population. in u.s. terms it's
gallery. noortd 40u789s i am into this building i'm struck. this project is about partnerships. it's a partnership between t n b c and t h and partnership between health care and housing between the physical space and the activities and the lights that happens inside and it's a partnership between this building and the community that surrounds us. on all those levels this is an exceptional project. t n d c has long enjoyed a relationship. just imagine user on a lay over for 6 years you can illness how closer urging to come so here we are 6 years later and we've learned a lot about each other and our the strength of our relationship as endursz and deepens. since this project was first conceived we've been spider. we dreamed of a space has has a broadest view of health care and with the highest quality of housing. this violation was led by the upper health division they thought deeply about the vision. our vision survived the economy it survived economic and jerry channels and by the way, a restructuring the health care nationally. here we are going i think we can agree that our orig
. if there was a mistake admitting it, it will help the u.s. effort. >> transparency you think will paying a difference. what is the n.s.a. doing. americans should know, people abrode. who are we striking in the drone strikes. americans should know and people overseas. >> a lot of people don't know the scale of the programs. >> thank you for being in. we appreciate it. >> in france, protest in favour of jobs and against taxes continued into the evening. more than 10,000 fill the streets of kampala. facing police using tear gas. government promised tax increases of $4 billion to reduce the deficit. >> several thousands here in brittany in north-west france are furious about the ecotax that the president, francis hollande, wants to introduce. he's already backtracked slightly. he says he'll suspend it for more talks. the people here want it scrapped altogether. they say it will jeopardise their livelihoods. brittany has been hit hard by factory closures, mainly in the food processing business. they say they are buying undercut by cheap labour elsewhere in the european union and are particularly angry abo
, senator. we have to find that balance between the civil liberties and privacies of a u.s. citizen versus national security interests. that's where we're doing it. i do not have, as a representative of d.n.i., the luxury of going into a social media or publicly available database, pull information out of there and submit it as being the truth. the government has a responsibility and obligation to the citizens to ensure that information is true and accurate before we use it in an adjudicated process. >> i know my time is up. i can tell you obviously when our teenagers go online and get important information on social media and that yet we're not going to use it to find out that someone is involved in something, i think that's -- that's a little hard to believe. we need to take a commonsense approach to this. so my time is up. i also think we need to have random checks on people instead of relying on their own self-reporting. >> senator. thank you. senator heitkamp. >> thank you. i think this is such a critically important response and quick response to this horrible tragedy and i hope that
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)